StampBoy#02 Finish 2 worlds and join the competition

Now it almost comes into production stage, it means that what I most consider is every level but not the core game idea. When most of the programs and art are not big deal, the level design comes to be another problem. Level design needs to add more stuff and put this in a level to make it more challengubf. I am still studying for this. There are not many things could share now.

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StampBoy#1 introduce

There were almost 5 or 6 month before I start this game. I always share my progress in Twitter. I think write a devlog about it is also great.

The game I am working on is call Stamp Boy. It is a pixelart style puzzle platformer inspired by Mario VS Donkey Kong (GBA version). When I was a child I love to play this game. I really love the mechanic of Mario VS Donkey Kong. And as my first game on PC, I think start from small and simple mechanic is a good begining. I think maybe I can handle this. Although after 5 months I think I am wrong it’s not as easy as I thought.

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